Welcome to the Chico, California
Healing Arts Festival

Explore the mystical and energetic relationships to ourselves and the world around us.

This is a golden age of enlightenment and change. We are all working together to create a better world by taking care of our earth and each other. We welcome everyone to join us in creating a world we all can abundantly enjoy.

Explore new sciences, ancient mysteries, alternative health, and spiritual teachings.
Purchase artwork, books, crystals, jewelry, or other wholistic products.
Come and have some fun discovering new mysteries and your deeper connection to Source.

There is a Healer in each one of us – find yours!

Massage ~ Reiki ~ Meditation ~ Hypnotherapy
Psychic Readings ~ Life Coaching and Retreats ~Tarot ~ Crystals
Herbs and Tinctures ~ Art ~ Gifts and free lectures ~

Our Mission

To bring medical and alternative practitioners and products together, providing a thoroughly comprehensive event for the community. You will have a unique opportunity to learn about therapies first hand in order to make wise choices about your health involving your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Make contact with therapists, practitioners and organizations to gain new insights into modalities in natural healing and psychic development.

Need Directions?

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