Current Lectures

Patricia Cohen
What is Epigenetics?
I will tell how I got interested in this program. I will give an introduction about optimized wellness and then show what is included in a report and all the 9 systems it covers. I will save about 10 minutes for Q&A.

Beverly Friend
Your Sacred Blueprint Services
What these services are used for, why one would want them and how one would benefit.

Joseph Martin
Nothing in this talk is true, but it is exactly the way things are.
Why are we being sold a fake reality? People are crazier than ever and “reason” seems the farthest thing from our experience. You’ll find out the lies that are being told to us and what the real truth actually is. Bring a pen/paper to write down the places that still tell the truth. And be ready to find out what the current agenda of evil is.

Daisy Chen
Learn about Animal Communication and Pet Reiki
Come and learn the basic steps to communicating with your pets. Anyone can do it, it just takes some knowledge and lots of practice. Talking to your pets can help deepen the relationship between you and your pet. Know when they are not feeling well or find out what they think about the world. Stop by and also learn about the benefits of giving animal Reiki to your pets to help their health and well being.


Arlan Cage
Heal Your Life, Heal the World
Introduction to a new book with same title by Dr. Arlan Cage, MD LAC, outlining our personal health and well being with that of the universal consciousness.

Questioning Our Answers with Rahasya Uncensored
It’s time to start asking the hard questions about the world we live in.

4:30 Raffle
Need not be present to win!

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