Current Lectures

Olivia Peters-Lazaro
Qi Gong: Gentle Movement Exercises for improved health and energy.

Bobbie Gray
Outline of Tapping into your Divine Guidance
Will be going over a one-day class we plan to present in Chico about moving past personal blocks to channeling.

Joseph Martin
Why People Have Gone Crazy and What We Can Do About It.
There are real physical science reasons why people are going crazy right now. Learn some simple remedies that anyone can do. Joseph Ernest Martin is a gifted psychic and the Winner of the Visionary Award of Excellence.

Katy Valentine
Essential Oil Blends to help your Chakras.
Learn about the power of essential oils to help you on your spiritual journey! Essential oils help balance the chakras, soothe the body and attune to your higher self.

Douglas Kenyon
Sacred Goddess Power in Divination
Divination on your divine spark, using the divine feminine and the divine masculine for personal alchemy. Bringing the goddess back for balanced divination.

Sue Fisher
Bach Flowers to the Rescue!
Rescue Remedy (a Bach Flower essence combination) provides emotional support for a variety of stressful situations faced by animals and their people. It provides safe, immediate calming relief in emergencies as well as support for emotional and behavior issues.

4:30 Raffle

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