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November 2017
Readers, Vendors & Practitioners

Joseph Ernest Martin Joseph Ernest Martin is a gifted psychic and the Winner of the Visionary Award of Excellence and author/artist for the award winning Best Selling: “Quest Tarot” deck. His book: The Compass and his 20 new DVDs instruct you on learning divination. Joseph travels to over 40 cities a year and reads for thousands of people, giving presentations and workshops on psychic ability and paranormal phenomenon. His book and deck are now in 5 countries in 4 languages. He has appeared on radio, television and the internet. He is a featured speaker at the huge New Living Expo, as well as the Bay Area Tarot Symposium, the Conscious Life Expo in LA, and World Tarot Day. His award winning TV Show “Paranormal Insights” has won 6 video excellence awards and has just started his 5th season of the show. You can see more about Joseph on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and his website You can set appointments by calling 510-387-3328.
Susan Selene Internationally known Psychic & Astrologer
Compassionate, Empowering Guidance. Clairvoyant, Tarot, Spirit Guides, Past Lives.
(530) 877-5817
Sebastian Clairvoyant sensitive who hears and sees things around you.
Douglas Kenyon Sacred Goddess Geometry Divination and Runes Divination. The divination brings your divine feminine in balance with your divine masculine for personal alchemy and abundance.
Nancy Zuschin Psychic, Mediumship, Medical Intuitive, Reading
Clarisse Analise Conner Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium
Jennifer Henry My University of Light
Psychic and Mediumistic Readings
Margaret Van Laan Age of Aquarius
Psychic Tarot Readings
Bobbie G Spiritual Guide and Channeled Readings
Jo Madrid Channel for Willow
Indra Rinzler Readings using Vedic Astrology, Enneagram of Personality or the Wheel of Totality
(530) 277-0459
Tracie Devlin Earth Angel Coaching
Angel Reading, spiritual teacher, classes and workshops
Red Bluff Gold Exchange Jessie Woods
We offer metaphysical products, crystals, angels, jewelry, pendulums and cards.
413 Walnut, Red Bluff, CA
Aura Photos Lucille Snyder
Aura Photos with Interpretation
Rising Phoenix Inspired Wellness Jann Spallina
doTERRA Essential Oils, chakra balancing sets with gemstone roller bottles.
Lotus Flower Imports The most extensive supply of Crystals, Gifts, Jewelry, Gem Stones, and Wands. Beautiful Cabachons for jewelry makers.
839 Main St., Chico
Rock Your Life Mary Ann Miller
Rock Your Life is dedicated to providing affordable high quality crystals, minerals and fossils with easy metaphysical identification. We offer jewelry, sacred statuary, Tibetan wool shawls, and many more gifts carefully chosen for the metaphysical community.
Spirit-in-Nature Essences Lila Devi
Flower essences, books, posters, affirmation deck, free ini-consults.
Josephina Protopappas Bath bombs, lotions, creams, audio cds (for the mind!) Relaxation bath products, lip balms, blends, girly items for bath, body and mind.
Wild Thing Wild Woman Rebecca Wolf
One of a kind women’s clothing and decorative flags of affirmations. Size small though plus.
Aqua Aura Arts Stacey Rodriguez
Crystal & gemstone jewelry, leatherworks, argonites and more. See lots of my unique jewelry at Lotus Flower Imports.
Geotrope Minerals Wanda Oliver
We carry minerals, stones, crystals, kits, fossils and jewelry for all interests.
Acupuncture Chico Community Acupuncture
Acupuncture treatments for wellness, pain and other common and not so common concerns. Pay as you like.
Get treated regularly at Chico Community Acupuncture.
1815 Mangrove Ave., Chico
Optimal Wellness Patty Cohen
Hair analysis with 30 page report in 15 minutes covering 9 body systems and over 800 environmental influences.
Integrated Health Francine Fields, LPC
Psychological Tarot, Dowsing for Health, Emotion Code/Body Code Clearing, Counseling. Offering Shamanic Hands on Healing at fair.
Healings by Mercedes Chakra Balancing and Energy Clearing
Happy Feet Reflexology Elizabeth (Liz) Daniels
10 minute foot massages and reflexology
305 W. Lindo Ave, Unit 6, Chico
(530) 321-6897
Chico Upper Cervical Kelly Baker
Postural screening.
Aka Dua Healing Energy Transmission and attunements, body, mind, consultations, and healing tools.
Bonnie & Arlan Cage
Your Sacred Blueprint Beverly Friend
Karmic Clearings, Spiritual Response Therapy, and Numerology
Julia Ferre Clinical Hypnotherapist Reiki for relaxation and stress relief. Crystals for energy. Reading for insights. Each session is tailored for individual.
Animal Mystic Daisy Chen
Animal communication and Reiki for people and pets.
Healthy Living Directory and Magazine Lotus Guide Online Business Directory and Magazine for Healthy Living
Holistic Health Practitioners, Services and Products
Jump Start Organizing / Body Tales (Improvisation) Rosemary Quinn
Clutter Clearing, Professional, Affordable, Magical, Transformative & Fun
Body Tales – movement, sound and personal story
Your Consciousness Key Lynn M. Tosello & Kim Victoria
Private Hypnotherapy to move you toward more happy experiences. Group classes on Attraction, Abundance, Connection to Source, and Self-hypnosis.
2055 Forest Avenue, Suite 7, Chico
Jack Allis Author and Spiritual Teacher
Books & DVDs and presenting his new novel: “Blue Sun, Red Sun”


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